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K6 Multi-X Cargos by KC

63 ratings

Do not reuse my assets on models, unless you have purchased them from (must be included in credits) 

Solid understanding of shape keys is required for desired results

K6 Multi-X Cargos I created using Blender and textured in Substance Painter, be sure to credit me if you are using this model for commercial use, if you do not have proof of purchase and are found with this model and are misusing the asset you will be subjected to DMCA. 

Knowledge of Blender, shape keys, and texturing with PBR Textures are required to achieve the desired results. 

TERMS OF SERVICE (Subject to Change)

By purchasing this digital art asset (hereinafter referred to as the "item"), you (the “purchaser”) agree to the following terms:

  1. Redistribution:
    • You are prohibited from redistributing, selling, or sharing the item in its standalone form.
    • The item may only be incorporated into finished models and projects.
  2. Usage of Textures:
    • Do not include all of my textures in files, whether in Unity or any other format, for sharing or distribution purposes.
  3. Alteration of Meshes:
    • Any unauthorized re-UVing, tracing, or alteration of my meshes for redistribution purposes is strictly prohibited and will be treated as theft.
  4. Texture Creation:
    • Creating new textures for the item is permitted, provided none of my base textures are used in the process.
  5. Reuse & Credits:
    • You may only reuse the item in your models if you have made a purchase from
    • Projects utilizing my assets must provide credit, referencing the aforementioned link.
  6. Violation Consequences:
    • Non-compliance with these terms may result in legal action.
    • Violators could face fines, and unauthorized use of the asset may be demanded for removal.
  7. Legal & Copyright:
    • Copyright for this art asset inherently belongs to its creator upon its creation.
    • Infringement of Copyright Law related to this asset may lead to:
      • Fines ranging between $200 and $150,000.
      • Infringers compensating for actual damages and profits derived from unauthorized use.
      • The infringer bearing all legal fees and court costs.
      • Potential impounding of unauthorized renditions of the work.
  8. Additional Resources:
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.RAR containing the FBX and 52 PBR Textures

Polys (Tris)
Polys (Faces)
142 MB


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K6 Multi-X Cargos by KC

63 ratings
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